Our overseas support services in the UK are tailored to our clients needs.

We support clients who live overseas with their interests or needs in the UK.

Below are some of our offerings and experience but our services are not necessarily limited to this, contact us to find out if we can support your specific need.

If you require any further details or specific requests please get in touch.

  • Property Management & Accommodation Sourcing

    We have a number of clients who live overseas who have property in the UK, we can operate a full service management package so you do not have to worry about your property when you are in a different country. If you are planning a trip to the UK and need somewhere to stay we can assist you to find the right accommodation. See our property page for more information.

  • Concierge

    We can be your hands on the ground, if there something you need in the UK that you can’t access or manage from where you are we will do our best to assist you, these services include passport applications, postal and courier services to contacts in the UK.

  • Destination Management

    We assist clients and guests travelling to the UK. Services include booking accommodation, taxis, meeting rooms, theatre and sourcing strange and wonderful things for a last minute business trip or holiday.

  • Representation

    Does your brand or business need representation in the UK and Europe? We utilize our marketing background to seek out the best channels through which to represent your interests, either to generate leads in a new market, or expand awareness, you tell us what your goals are and we can represent you this side of the pond. We believe that representing your brand overseas is not just about letting the world know who you are and what you do, but its about building relationships that you can count on.

    Diaspora Networking and Overseas Representation:

    We are currently running a diaspora programme for the Cayman Islands Government in the UK. Cayman Connection UK is a network that supports Cayman students in the UK and organises mentoring and connections with high-level professionals associated with the Cayman Islands.


Angel Oversees is developing a number of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, including a scheme to assist care-workers to give them respite by offering free stays in luxury London accommodation and rest stays for family visiting terminally ill relatives in hospital. We support overseas development projects through charitable organisations such as Oxfam and the Red Cross. We are currently working on developing a TFEL programme in a small village in the north of Sri Lanka.

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